Tuesday 25 Sep 2018
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Welcome to WeatherAction! 
- world leaders in Long Range Weather & Climate Forecasting
Piers Corbyn 
Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist, Managing Director and founder of WeatherAction LongRange forecasters presenting at #ElectricUniverse Conference, Albequerque New Mexico USA, March 2014 

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Mission Statement and greetings From Piers Corbyn and latest Updating solar-wind activity data BELOW

WeatherAction Mission Statement

1. Long Range Forecasting.
WeatherAction will develop and extend Piers Corbyn's revolutionary world-leading Solar based method* of Long Range forecasting to include all countries of the world months and years ahead particularly for extreme and dangerous events. The background physics principles behind the method  are available in presentations** and will be published in full in due course. 
**see eg PiersCorbyn Uni Exeter Go Green Week 25 Feb 2016 

2. Environmental policy
WeatherAction supports True-Green-Policies to defend biodiversity and wild-life and reduce chemical and particulate pollution and points out that CO2 is not a pollutant but the Gas-Of-Life (plant food).

3. Evidence based science
WeatherAction defends evidence-based science and policy making as the ONLY science. WeatherAction completely supports campaigns for GeoEthical accountability and CLEXIT - Exit from UN Climate Change Deals and against data fraud and political manipulation of data and so-called scientific claims now dominating climate and environmental sciences. Evidence shows that man-made climate change does not exist and the arguments for it are not based on science but on data fraud and a conspiracy theory of nature. (see "Why the CO2 'theory' fails ", below)

Welcome to WeatherAction! 
HELLO! On our site you can keep up with the latest news, videos, comments and reports of weather and related solar activity and give your own observations and comments via the Latest Comment blog (Right) and read WeatherAction news-pdfs in the 'Latest' tab. Our twitter feed - @Piers_Corbyn and facebook page  also carry leading weather and solar activity forecast reports and news.
We sell web-accessible long-range monthly forecasts for Britain & Ireland, Europe, USA and special forecasts of 'Red Weather periods' and related increases in Thunder/tornado and EarthQuake risk (called 'RTQ' / World Extreme Events forecasts). These are available monthly with normally 8 weather sub-periods per month via the web - up to 30 days ahead for B+I, Eu & USA (to be extended). For B+I  look-ahead range on line is extended now to 45d, 75d, 100d and 120d (4months). For more details and to subscribe click here 
Longer ahead forecasts up to 12 months ahead are also available - enquire directly via 

WeatherAction forecasts, which have independently proven peer-reviewed significant skill - unlike all others in the field (see forecast accuracy ) - are based on our revolutionary Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique (SLAT) which is increasing in scope and skill as our researches advance. Useful presentations on SLAT and WeatherAction forecasts are in the
- See VIDEO of Piers Corbyn presentation to 'The Greenest Event', Johannesburg South Africa June 5th 2012 and more recent Video Links (Electric Universe conference USA March 2014) listed below / on right section of this homepage.
Presentation pdf submission to the UK Parliamentary enquiry into the supercold and snowy Dec 2010 - the coldest December for 100 years - which WeatherAction predicted ahead of all others -

WeatherAction Long-Range forecasts are world leaders 
They give possible likely weather scenarios (+/-1d) in typically 8 time periods per month for Britain+Ireland, Europe, USA regions. They are NOT substitutes for short range detail but provide a likely scenario for LongRange decisions and choices and are normally more accurate and applicable than standard meteorology on all time scales from months ahead to 5days ahead. WeatherAction are the only LongRange forecasts with proven peer-review published significant skill. 
In addition to LongRange detail typically within 1 or 2 days resolution WeatherAction Solar factors - R5, R4, R3... ( in all forecasts) give advice which point to improverments of short range model  forecasts.
Comments and news in forecasts and here and in blogs linked below deal with both LongRange Forecasts and medium-short Weather and geophysical effects - eg aurora - of solar factors in Br+Ir, Europe, USA and across the world.
Follow @Piers_Corbyn on twitter for very latest news and comment. Note  Piers' tweets/retweets of standard model output at times may not imply agreement but is more information since models change so much in this Wild-Jet-Stream / Mini-Ice-Age era.
ALL PAST FORECASTS are available in the web access boxes for current forecasts and in the Forecast archive (Via Forecasts tab) as it updates.  Forecasts are normally for each MONTH and in (up to) 8 sub periods Br+Ir, Europe inc Scandanavia and USA. In forecast access & notes BI, B+I, BrIr, Br+Ir = Britain+Ireland; Eu = Europe inc Scand. 
30d forecast means current/next month up to ~30d ahead and is issued at ~end of previous month. 
45d forecast means ~15d to 45d ahead and is issued mid of previous month; etc for 75d.   
Forecasts issued can include re-issue of copies of previous without update and appropriately labelled [even if no changes have been (yet) made] - so subscribers know they have not missed a forecast (update). BI 100d, 90d, 75d, 45d and 30d can be the same but there normally will be extra detail and/or (sometimes) changes at any stage or extra stages espec for 45d & 30d issues. The basics of any forecast normally stay unchanged from ~6m ahead to 30d fullest detail in ~85% of cases.

WeatherAction is involved in the Global Warming/Climate Change debate 
where we point out that the world is now cooling not warming and there is no observational evidence in the thousands and millions of years of data that changes in CO2 have any observable effect on weather or climate in the real world. 
There are no scientists in the world who can produce such observational data and we challenge anyone reading this to send us such observational evidence from the real world or find someone who can and get them to produce it. There is only effect the other way, namely that ocean temperatures control average CO2 levels due to basic laws of physics about the soluability of CO2 gas in (sea) water. Boris Johnson, the (then) Mayor of London has expressed interest in what we say: see article 
Thank you, Piers Corbyn, MSc (astrophysics), ARCS, FRAS, FRMetS
Director WeatherAction

WHAT IS WeatherAction? - Business summary:

WeatherAction are world leaders in Long range weather - and climate - forecasting and produce detailed weather forecasts to resolution of a few days months ahead for Britain & Ireland, Europe and USA +South Canada, and climate forecasts up to 20 years ahead.

The forecasts are based on predictable aspects of solar particle and magnetic activity and sun-earth connections and their modulation by lunar effects. The unique method developed by Piers Corbyn - WeatherAction founder, astrophysicist, theoretical physicist and weather & climate physicist & forecaster - is kown as The Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique (SLAT) of Long-Range forecasting.

Independent peer-reviewed measures of WeatherAction forecasts, monitors by insurance loss-adjusters, and scientific weather bets through William Hill show the significant skill of WeatherAction forecasts weeks and months ahead while other ('classical' / Numerical modelling) methods have no-skill (see  Forecasts / accuracy).

Forecasts out to 100days ahead for Britain and Ireland and less (but extending) for Europe and USA are sold at low charges on-line via . Forecasts further ahead - eg up to 6 or 12 months ahead are available directly from . Most regular customers are farmers, commodity and energy traders, water companies, holday operators, event planners ( eg weddings, holidays, festivals), weather-sensitive retail and outdoor-pursuits.

WeatherAction forecasting powers are greatest for extreme events - storms and heatwaves / cold spells. WeatherAction's unique R-periods ('Red' weather periods, topmost R5 and R4), forecasts, now recognised world-wide by scientific forecasters and extreme-event analysts have unique skill in predicting most likely periods of extreme thunder and tornado risk and Tropical Storm formation and Rapid development. The same / related periods are also used for Extreme Earthquake risk trial forecasts.

WeatherAction significant forecast successes with detail where applicable to a few days include:-
- VERY Wet summers Britain & Ireland 2007, 2008, 2009 (when UK MetOffice precicted 'BBQ' summers!);
- West Russian Heatwave and the date of it's ending in August 2010;
- UK coldest (and very snowy) December for 100 years Dec 2010;
- Extreme deadly tornado swarms eg Joplin Missouri USA May 2011;
- Hurricane Irene USA East coast predicted in detail 12 weeks ahead;
- The year without a summer - extreme deluges and hail - Britain & Ireland 2012;
- Very Extreme deluges and hail July 2012 USA and Europe;
- V late Spring BI  2013 (Piers/WA won British Asparagus Assoc competition for market readiness);
- Late Oct Storm ('Piers Corbyn's Storm) S England +NW Euope 28Oct 2013, predicted 6mth ahead;
- Extra-ordinarily cold (displaced polar vortex) Winter/Springs 2014 and 2015 (East) USA+S Canada.
- Formidably skilled forecasts for April and May 2016 in BI, Eu and USA.
 NONE of the above were predicted long-range by any other forecasters.

Forecast Subscription access details - ensuring your updates
30d forecastsAccess is to 28th of last month subscribed (uploads ~29-31st)
Subs start in the same month for payment on or before 21st of month. From 22nd the Sub is deemed to apply from the next month and the current month is free. 
45d (BI) forecasts: Access is to 14th of last month subscribed (Uploads ~15-17th)
- so that next month which loads 15th onwards is excluded. 30d for that month is also loaded.
45d subs start for the following month for payments made till 27th. From 28th subs are deemed to start from the month after that and months prior to that are free.
75d (BI) forecasts: Access is to 14th of month before last month subscribed
- so that next 75d month which loads 15th onwards is excluded. 28th, as 45d, is sub start switch date.
100d (BI) forecasts = Season ahead plus 10 daysAccess is to 21st of 2nd month before last month subscribed. Sub start switch date is 22nd
- so that next 100d month which loads 22nd onwards is excluded. 75d loads on ~15th
AND 45d access is given to 14th of last month subscribed
so 45d, 30d forecasts for the months load.
120d (4months) ahead access is to 28th of month concerned and updates on 29th onwards. These have been now discontinued on line and only available by direct subscription.

Why the CO2 'Theory' Fails

1. FACT. There is no evidence for the CO2 climate driver proposition in the real world using real data over hundreds of thousands of years. World temperatures do not follow CO2. 
The world is not warming and has not been doing so for 18 years. Even under fraudulent UN-MetO-NOAA manipulated data the world is not warming. ALL the alarmist predictions of CO2 warmism have failed.
See and links in Article about BBC-MetO charlatan John Hammond's Science Denialist claims, in WeatherAction blog (sec3) 
FACT  Changing CO2 has no effect EVEN the Models used by the Met Office and UN's Climate Committee (the IPCC) show CO2 levels have no effect on the Jet Stream or extremes which come from the Wild Jet stream changes which they fail to predict.  It is meteorological fact that the recent very wild weather extremes and contrasts follow from wild Jet Stream behavior. THAT Wild Jet Stream (Mini-Ice-Age) behavior was and is regularly predicted by Piers Corbyn's Solar-Lunar approach and is nothing to do with CO2. See & Piers' video The claim that these extremes are driven by CO2 / man made Climate Change is a lie for which there is no evidence or scientific paper which demonstrates a link in the real world.
2. FACT. Even if CO2 had an effect the idea that Man’s 4% of total CO2 flux rules the other natural 96% flux in and out of sea/land making it follow man’s activity is a ridiculous conspiracy theory of nature
It follows War should be declared on termites which emit 10x Man's CO2 equivalent. Why has this not happened?
3. FACT. The reason why the CO2 atmosphere theory can never work is that the Ocean-atmosphere interface controls the amount of CO2 in air – a warmer ocean (which holds 50x more CO2 than the atmosphere) emits CO2 and vice versa. This is very basic physics*.  
Just as when you warm a glass of fizzy drink more CO2 comes off and it absorbs more when it is cold. Putting more CO2 above the glass of fizzy drink does NOT however warm it up!
Ocean temperatures CONTROL atmospheric CO2 levels. It is an observed fact in millions of years of data that Ocean temperature changes LEAD atmospheric CO2 changes.  
Irrespective of these facts there are 2 other reasons why CO2 warmist theory must fail: a) the surafce cooling effect of plants b) Non equilibrium thermodynamics in the atmosphere - ie the assumptions of the ‘theory’ are nonsense. *Henry's Law.

"2014 (or 2015 or 2016...) World hottest ever"? 
- Nope! 
built on:- BAD SCIENCE, Data Fraud and a brainwashed public
by:- Carbon Tax grabbing Govts, Big Oil and Wall-St Supra-Nationals

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Support #CLimateTruth! - Get the FACTS below

Comment 12 Nov 2014 
re WINTER 2014-2015 Britain & Ireland (and implications for Europe)
CLICK:  (14 Nov 2014) WANews14No43a WeatherAction warn UKMetO Winter Forecast should be ignored 

  05 Jan (later) 12th day of Xmas 2015
The utter disgrace of Official temperature "reports" -
~30% of USA data stations are now FABRICATED Data
Data fraud is at record levels in 2014
To see the record levels of fraud now perpetrated for USA date 
(let alone UK and other Met Offices around the world and world bodies) Go to:-
and see a flip-flop of adjustments upwards which corresponds to CO2 amounts!!  LOL

Piers Corbyn says "This is not an increasing graph. the absurd claims cannot continue. We need a world campaign to clear out the fraud and clean up science".
BBC Science-Deniers Lie again on Climate Change & Extreme weather
On Sept 10 2014 In keeping with their deluded stance that all weather extremes are CO2 extremes and their Goebbels-esque approach to hit the public with the biggest climate lies as often as possible Roger Harrabin (BBC Environment Correspondent) gave a predictable double whammy of dishonesty on the extreme weather events in Asia and around the world.  
He said on BBC TV News that As the the world continues to warm the incidence of extreme events such as in recent days will increase.

FACT  The world - using real data - is not warming  
- and has not been doing so for 18 years. Even under fraudulent UN-MetO-NOAA manipulated data the world is not warming. See and links in Article about BBC-MetO charlatan John Hammond's Science Denialist claims, in WeatherAction blog (sec3).The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicted global warming would impact winters. "Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms,” IPCC stated quite plainly   in its 2001 Third Assessment Report. IPCC’s prediction has two components: (1) global warming will cause milder winters and (2) global warming will cause a decline in heavy snowstorm events. These two predictions are clear and unequivocal. BOTH HAVE FAILED TOTALLY   

FACT  Changing CO2 has no effect 
The Models used by the Met Office and UN's Climate Committee (the IPCC) show CO2 levels have no effect on the Jet Stream or extremes which come from the Wild Jet stream changes they fail to predict. 
It is standard meteorology that the recent wild weather extremes and contrasts follow from the wild Jet Stream behaviour. THAT Wild Jet Stream (Mini-Ice-Age) behaviout was and is regularly predicted by Piers Corbyn's Solar-Lunar approach and is nothing to do with CO2. See & Piers' video The claim that these extremes are driven by CO2 / man made Climate Change is a brazen falsity for which there is no evidence or scientific paper which demonstrates a link in the real world. 
Harrabin is a Science denier and we challenge him - along with BBC- MetOffice's John Hammond to justify their case in public debate on their misleading claims which are a disgrace to the BBC, Met Office and world science.  
Useful information + Links 

( i ) RECENT TOP VIDS + PDFs by Piers Corbyn - short links
- Electric Univ Pres  46k its by July 2016
- CO2 Scam Nailed 28k hits by July 2016

(ii) BigOil backs the CO2-Climate Change Scam all the way 
because it ensures high energy prices and massive value for much of their otherwise worthless assetts in less accessable oil and gas fields. 
See these BP links as an example

(iii) Other links on data massaging / fraud:    (re United States Historical Climatology Network  )  
WATCH USHCN FRAUD SWITCH BELOW (For 'Final' read 'Fiddled')
Read artcle(s) for glaring evidence of fraud perpetrated by data 'selection/de-selection', and 'adjustments'/ 
modifications/'corrections' to make past processed 'data' colder and present warmer than objective honest records.

CURRENT - RECENT Top Solar + Weather data Links 

Geomagnetic & Solar wind Monitors {Geomag Rises likely in R5, R4, R3}
Geomagnetic Activity (Kp) link:
Proton Flux link:
Solarwind impact predictor
Solar Wind Links 
Space Weather + Solar Activity News
Geomagnetic & Electrical links

Other Useful Links
WeatherAction News Room+Feature-reports
Jet Stream, Standard Met;sess= 
IceAgeNow reports+News
AccuWeather (USA, World) 

Continuously Updating Solar related & Solar Wind data
- including Stratowarm watch

General events including latest Coronal holes :

Aurora forecasts:

Solar-Wind impact predictor Solar System Map: which leads solar wind map predictor; 

Solar Wind properties  REDTRACE(below) Magnetic Field Bz negative = strong SolarWind-Earth connection

Electron & Proton Flux




Temp maps From 

WeatherAction Red 'Solar-activity Effect'  / 'RedWeather' periods* 
- of weather & solar-geophysical activity warnings are the world-leading predictive parameters in LongRange Sun-Earth relations.  *These are uniquely predicted by WeatherAction and no others using Piers Corbyn's Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique.

WeatherAction Top/Major Red (R5/R4) periods* warning of possible extreme weather events have received acclaim for reliability and timing in the last year.  

Red Solar-Weather Periods 
-  Special interest to Airline pilots and crew and frequent fliers
  • WeatherAction TopRed, R5, periods show greatest risk of dangerous thunderstorms and turbulence in airflight. 
  • The 2 most serious thunderstorm caused air disaters since 2009 were in WeatherAction 'TopRed' R5 periods...
    • 20014 24 July ~01.55am Air Algerie AH5017 (MD83) All 118 killed* in thunderstorms Sahara in WeatherAction R5 24-26 July. * +PIC ABOVE. Recall there was 'mean looking storm cloud' London 25th. See PIC above.
    • 2009 Jun1~2.10am Air France AF447 (Airbus330) All 228 killed* in thunderstorms which went to height of 50,000 ft over Tropical Atlantic in WeatherAction R5 May29-Jun1 (then just termed Red Weather). *
  • There is increased interest in WeatherAction 'RTQ' (RedWeather, Thunder/tornado. Quake(trails) Risk) forecasts for air travel and activity. RTQ forecast are published as a monthly table with a news page which is available alone as a forecast and also R periods included in other forecasts:-
  • WeatherAction R5,R4,R3...values are included in ALL forecasts 30d, 45d, ahead and some indications further ahead along with associated solar / aurora / geomagnetic events.
  • The next serious Redweather periods are available in all Foreacasts
The LongRange Forecasters    Get ahead of the weather game - follow us on twitter
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Sept 24, 25, 26....The equinox is passed!

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  • More BI/Eu/Usa 45d, 75d, 100d, 5m are coming

ALL-WINTER-NOW  Br+Ir ; Europe  and USA (key summary) are all loaded.

Solar-Weather-Action News
WeatherAction Major Red (R4) period Sep 19-23+-1d Great success
This period forecast under Piers Corbyn's Solar-Lunar Action Technique was excellently confirmed by extra/extreme weather storminess of Pacific Typhoons, Atlantic Tropical Storms and North Atlantic storms; an M6+(6.4) Earthquake; Major Geomagnetic Activity (K5 Sept 21-22 pic below); wild activity in the SolarWind including big increases in proton flux** see below and a (largely preceding) (becoming) Earth-Facing-Coronal-Hole (EFCH) (pic below). 
"This R4 was a text-book success, even though we havn't written the text-book", said Piers Corbyn. "Notably these events were NOT accompanied by extra sunspot activity - supporting our contention for less-visible (electromagnetic / Birkeland currents) sun-earth links associated with the Wild-Jet-Stream / Mini-Ice-Age circulation era the world is now in. Importantly, as **Gabe Rychert of @ClimateRealists pointed-out, the North Atlantic storminess was once again associated with big increases in proton flux.
"It beggars belief that all these sun-earth links are OBSERVED before our eyes yet the CO2 climate fraud industry still receive tax-payers money to propagate delusional lies that CO2 drives this storminess (predicted by solar activity) which hold-back the advance of science and CAUSE millions of deaths by Fuel Poverty from Climate policy energy price hikes every year".
   (L) Coronal Hole Sept19, K5 Geomag activity Sep21-22 (Bel)

WELCOME all new visitors -
especially from the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool (to Sept 26); Porto Climate Conference 7-8th Sept - an excellent event to be reported further; and following Piers Corbyn's very successful visit to Cambodia 15-21 Sept.
Also special welcome to visitors from Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) where Piers Corbyn was guest 3am to 6am Sun 26 Aug UK time (link below).

WeatherAction June, July + August forecasts both sides of Atlantic have had tremendous acclaim. CHECK FOR YOURSELF Go To Archive:- 

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"The latest Heat-doom claims by the BBC-UN-EU Climate Charlatans  are Goebbels-esque lies+cover-up" - 
says Piers Corbyn. "The Claim that The North hemisphere is in some sort of heatwave covering half the globe or the world as a whole is 'baking' are deliberate lies intended to brainwash the public. The fraudulent claims ignore the fact that West Europe & The British Isles are only a small fraction of the globe and ignore cold weather in many places including the coldest ever recorded temperatures in parts of Russia.
The actual facts about the North Hemisphere (NH) on July 30 according to satellite data (map below) is the NH (sea and land) is very close to normal and the NH land in particular is 0.2C BELOW NORMAL
The world as a whole is estimated as +0.32C above normal which is 0.43C BELOW the peak in 1998 or 0.14C below the smoothed out (moving average) value of 1998. 
The warmth of the Southern Hemisphere is however largely fake because it  includes the notably less cold than normal West Antarctica which is heated by undersea volcanoes which have powered-up world-wide as we move deeper into the new Mini-Ice-Age. Historically volcanism increases in Mini-Ice-Ages
Importantly completely contrary to the brainwashing agenda of the BBC, other Media, FaceBook, Twitter, the UN and EU as well as much of Russia being record cold much of Australia has had record cold temperatures and Kangaroos are starving and invading Canberra for lawn grass because their normal feeding grounds are snow covered or very sparse. In Parts of South America record cold is killing Llamas in large numbers.
The ONLY significant thing about the current state of world weather and climate is the wild JetStream behaviour - and associated dramatic extremes - which is completely contrary to CO2 warmist theory and confirms our warnings of 10 years ago which are a consequence of the general low solar activity epoch we predicted and are now in.
"The Global warming hoax must be destroyed".
- Piers Corbyn Aug 8th 2018

Piers Corbyn on July heatwaves & extremes across the world, Comm 26 July 2018. See also twitter Piers_Corbyn

predicted the July heatwaves in Europe, UK+Ireland and notable cold in East USA months ahead using solar activity methods. 
The idea of a 'world heatwave' or that these events are anything to do with Man-made CO2 is delusional nonsense. Greenland, the Arctic and Antarctic have HUGE AMOUNTS of NEW ice, Australia is record cold, extreme cold in South America is killing large numbers of Llamas. Parts of North Russia have been the coldest on record for this time of year.
Overall the world is colder than normal and will get colder in coming years; yet the media put forward insane fictional scare stories about more people to die in heatwaves. Death by cold is more common and it is that which will increase in coming years made worse by energy poverty driven by anti-CO2 policies . The notable thing about the present and recent months is the extremes, large rapid changes within days and huge contrasts between regions. 
The cause is the wild Jet-Stream, as expected by our Solar-Lunar theory, especially its long North-South sweeps in both hemispheres. CO2 has no role in this whatsoever and the Main-Stream media are dishonestly exaggerating warmth and ignoring major cold events simply to promote their deluded world view and exploitative anti-CO2 policies.
  • It's Time you subscribed, ignorance isn't helping your planning or bottom line
  • PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO support WeatherAction VITAL Research and #TrueGreen Campaigns 
  • Piers Corbyn says: "We receive no state funding and NOW vitally need support for ongoing pioneering world-leading Research & Summer + Autumn vital campaigns on science and environment. Please subscribe/donate via link below. ANYTHING however small or large is very welcome. Please help and pass it on. Thank you"

WeatherAction TopRedR5 period Jul28-Aug1+-1d Great success  

See also twitter feed @Piers_Corbyn for tornadoes, giant hail, typhoon and Quake developments all in the R5 period.
Piers Corbyn commented: "The amazing thing about this R5 July 28-August 1 is its huge success while at the same time there is no apparent evidence for anything very significant happening in the solar-wind. There is more to Sun-Earth connections than regular space-weather reports (see LHS home page). Birkeland currents as in the Electric Universe view being likely agents of linkage

A Special hello to radio Listeners in USA and UK TalkRadio fans who heard Piers Corbyn talking about all aspects of weather and Climate and on UK/Eire especially for the coming 40days - marking St Swithins Day 15 July, the weather on which traditionally might hold for 40days! Piers also talked about contrasting heat across the world - record cold for Australia and heat Europe and extra ice on both poles with overall relatively cold over the world which comes from the Wild JetStream/ Mini IceAge conditions the world's in.

KEY Presentations & Must-Have Article CO2+Climate

TOP ONE: *NEW* Piers Corbyn Presentation for Merthyr Rising Festival Debate (Merthyr Tydfil South Wales) May 26th 2018  => ppt 
Piers says: My presentation and debate went very well. Judging by questions and feedback Climate Realism honest science is rapidly gaining ground with progressive people against the Fake-News, Fake-Science, imposed false narrative of the Global Warming hoax. Pass it on. VID links of the event soon.

1a. Piers Corbyn Presentation for historic debate at University College London Debate (Life Ethics Society) March 12th 2018 => ppt

1b. Piers Corbyn Brill pres (Avalon Rising Summer 2017 Festival & 'Look-at-Evidence' Event Southwark - What Really drives Climate Changes, The Climate-ChangeHoax - TrueGreen v FakeGreen + the Future of the World! => ppt

2. KEY reasons Must-Have article why science knows CO2 levels are Effect Not Cause of Climate Changes, The CO2 story is #FakeScience=> pdf 

Blogs Vids & Campaigns: WeatherBlog; Future, politics & all that Blog, Vids...

CLICK TITLE TO JOIN IN - READ AND MAKE COMMENTS. This new blog marks the start of application of SLAT15a  (latest advanc in Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique) which involves new improved  NH ~summer-time.

Blog for accountability in science+politics, Brexit, Social cleansing, fighting corruption & green religion.

=>  <= 
Click for latest Internet Radio+TV from PiersCorbyn +others - eg Mar25 exposing WallStreet-Globalist Agenda21/Agenda2030 which has the CO2-Con as its core ideological pivot - #SocialCleansing #GlobalWarming #FakeNews #FakeSciece

Piers Corbyn + Mark Windows on
ClimateChange Trial Fiasco (Usa)*
The new Mini Ice Age is Here?*
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The NEW FightBack onAltonEstate Wandsworth - CONsultation events Wed+Sat 6+9June:
Leaflet1(6Jun): WandsworthCouncilWantstoKillYou.pdf download
Leaflet2(9Jun): KillingTheTheHeart(printedOnYellow).pdf download
Recording Glastonbury 17June WindowsOnWorld Radio Show time 01:47:00 latest on Alton Est (Radio show after The BiggerPicture event 16 June)

The4ThePeopleTestandAction Resolution against Social Cleansing (following LP conf and SouthwarkTenants Conference, Autumn 2017) agreed in many organisation and forums all over the UK pdf download:-

Public meetings-events Reports....

Sat 18 August evening Hereford SunRise fest - PiersCorbyn+ MarkWindows +Sandi Adams "The-Bigger-Picture" as Glastonbury June 16. IT WAS BRILL
Sun 19 Aug Exeter, Levellers Festival Piers Corbyn speak/debate - Brill

Fri-Sat 7-8 Sept Int'l Climate Conf Porto Portugal Piers speaking

Galactic Cosmic Rays weather theory is BadPhysics.
The flow of Galactic Comic Rays (#GCR) into the solar system is modulated by the strength of the Sun's magnetic field - the 11year cycle. For GCR to be the agents of Earth weather (temperature) changes (eg via modulation of cloud formation by GCR) therefore REQUIRES the main Earth weather cycle to be the solar 11 year. However THIS IS NOT OBSERVED. The hugely dominant world temperature data signal is 22 years - the MAGNETIC CYCLE OF THE SUN. This is because the magnetic cycle of the Sun controls the connectivity of Solar wind particles from the Sun to the Earth which drives Earth weather. GCR flux (a mix of positive and negative particles from different directions) to Sun and Earth is not affected by the direction of the Sun's field only the size of it.
The total energy of Solar wind particle flux is 300x the total GCR energy flux. Therefore we say the GCR-Earth weather theory (whatever the importance of GCR in interstellar activity) is 99.7% wrong.

Piers Corbyn challenges Climate charlatans in Imperial College Grantham Institute to give evidence for their #FakeScience "Cold-Is-Warm" claims See WANews18No04 Piers Corbyn challenges Imperial climate charlatans+warns more cold blasts <=CLICK for pdf of below
The hat-trick of cold and snow returns to Br+Ir & NW-Eu confirmed WeatherAction Long Range forecasts and our WeatherAction Red-Weather R4 periods meant  considerably more snow in UK and Europe than standard Meteo suggested up to 24 or 12hrs ahead of events.

Piers challenges BBC+ David Attenborough issue 23 Oct 2017
Sir David Attenborough on BBC relaunches (23 Oct onwards) the Ocean "Acidification" alarm - The pinnacle of all lies atop the globalist pyramid of data fraud and #FakeScience known as Man-Made-LOL! Climate-Change.
Sir David is either a liar or stupid. Whichever it is his pronouncements on so called Ocean Acidification and the CO2 threat to Corals and the World are a disgrace to science & the BBC.
FACT There is 50x more CO2 in the oceans than in the air.
FACT If the oceans are warming they hold LESS CO2 and drive it off so his whole premise is dead in the water, as dead as the dead sea.
FACT If ALL Man's CO2 (which is 1/25th of the total atmospheric CO2 ie 1/25th of 0.04% = 0.002% = 1 or 2 parts in 100,000) went into the ocean increasing it would increase CO2 levels there by immeasuarably tiny amounts - having zero effect within random fluctuations .
FACT The sea is a 'buffer' solution of many salts so anything added has even less effect.
FACT ALL the alarmist claims of the CO2 warming lobby made over the last 10 years via the UN etc (the same UN which made up the WMD fraud to justify the Iraq war) have failed.
FACT Average CO2 levels are an EFFECT NOT CAUSE of changes in climate. When the sea warms it gives off CO2 in a delayed manner and vice versa. Extra CO2 over the last 100yrs is probably a delayed effect of the Medieval warm period.
FACT The CO2 story is #FakeScience - a political construct - to justify carbon taxes and deindustrialization and lowering wages of the west and enslavment of workers in developing countries.
WHILE Sir David's campaign against plastic pollution is excellent his claims about #CO2 so-called ClimateChange and effects on Oceans are delusional nonsense - a total pack of fraud and lies which undermines everything else he says - and I challenge him and BBC to PUBLIC DEBATE on the matter. Please circulate this statement. Thank you

This year beware of ever-more desperate globalist alarmist propaganda regurgitated by the CO2 warmistas and their intellectually-strained celeb sidekicks. Their deluded world is crumbling as climate charlatans trip-over each other in a back-track scramble to hide behind each other's lies** warns Piers Corbyn.
Now more than ever it is vital to defend scientific truth and #TrueGreen policies against the #FakeGreen grandiose #BigMoney policies of Wall Street-UN-EU-BigOil warmists (who want the CO2 story to help hike up oil prices; note RexTillerson of Exxon supports the ParisAccord). Life destroying anti bio-diversity schemes such as dams in the Amazon and bird killing windfarms UK and USA are fake-green big-money operations which must be opposed.

CO2 hurricane con KO-ed
The wild alarmist claims that extreme hurricanes this year are evidence of Man-Made CO2 Climate Change are straight lies...continued:
WeatherBlog Now (30-10-17 onwards) for your weather Obs, comms & Q's

Other Links...
WeatherActionNews Room Features http://weatheraction.wordpress.comby Craig  ClimateChange Conspiracy (of Nature)Theory; Charlatan Monitor, CLEXIT(ClimateAgreement EXIT):  -ClimateChange Conspiracy(-Of-Nature) theory Exposed - Ongoing + CLEXIT campaign includes 'Killer-Fact' Graphs - This +other links are in meetings reports.

Piers Corbyn on #GrenFellTowerFire - what's to be done. This catastrophe  involves developer-council corruption and Green'ClimateChange'-insulation targets being used as an excuse for developer profiteering and social cleansing.
=>VID2 (Sequel) 3k hits =>VID1 160k hits

CO2 levels are Effect NOT Cause of Climate Changes
That's not what you've been told by #MSM! Piers Corbyn spells out the facts in Easy points on why CO2-Climate story fails - pdf:

Piers Corbyn criticizes Prof Stephen Hawking for backing ClimateHoax
Piers Corbyn comment on Prof Stephen Hawking reported interview ITV Morning show 20 March  by Piers Morgan; for consideration by Prof Hawking & his team:-
"Prof Hawking spoke alarmist delusional nonsense on so-called (ManMade) Climate Change and as a leading world scientist failed in his duty to support evidence-based scientific principles..For More Go:   WeatherBlog Now (30-10-17 onwards) for your weather Obs, comms & Q's

Past Vids + Presentation Links: Piers Corbyn
1.Electric Universe (EU) Conf March 2014 VIDEO hits by Mar 24th 2016) Presentation pdf At EU2014:
2. Co2Con Nailed VIDEO (26k hits by Mar 24th 2016)
3. Presentations from Sept 2015:-
PiersCorbyn Uni Exeter Go Green Week 25 Feb 2016<=Must See
- Seewhat'satstake in Eu/Brexit & Climate-Change debates including what happened in UK NE / Teesside (slides 24+25). The Meeting, reported below, also debunked the "97% believe in Man-made Global Warming /Climate Change" claim. The true figure is between 7% & 0.3% depending on "surveys".
PiersCorbyn Southend-On-Sea (Westcliff) 21 Feb 2016
PiersCorbyn St Michael Stiener School 25 Sept 2015
PiersCorbyn Stoke Newington School 3 Feb 2016
- NB parts of StMichael and StokeNewington used at Southend (Westcliff) & Exeter.

THIS IMPORTANT PDF which includes:-
- Presentation by Piers Corbyn in Parliament Committee Room Nov 25th 2015
TV Links of Piers Corbyn on BBC TV Andrew Neil show Dec 3, 2015
- subsequently re-discussed as investigations led to the Question:
DID Alan Johnson MP lie on the show Russia TodayTVGeorgeGallowayshow 2015 Dec 12th Climate Challenge Conference (Alternative to UNIPCC) PARIS 2015 Dec 1-3rd  


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WANews18No10 World Heatwave Claims July 2018 are FakeNews
The MainStream Media claims of a world heatwave July 2018 are FakeNews by climate charlatans says Piers Corbyn

WANews18No04 Piers Corbyn challenges Imperial climate charlatans+warns more cold blasts
WANews18No04 Piers Corbyn challenges Imperial College Climate charlatans for evidence & Warns of more cold blasts this Spring. GET forecasts for Spring BI Eu Usa - MustHave for anyone serious about weather

WANews17No32 WeatherAction Hurricane-Typhoons Brilliant 12-15 Sept
WANews17No32 ASESSMENT of WeatherAction Tropical Storms, Hurricanes + Typhoon forecasts for SEPT 12-15+-1d, 1st forecast period Sept 2017 Results 13.5/16=84%

WANews17No20 Br+Ir LateMay High split and Deluges confirmed
WANews17No20 Late-May Br+Ir High split and Deluges 28May-1June confirm WeatherAction 90d general warnings and 30d ahead detail

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